Smart Buildings Roundtable
How to leverage the gold mines of data locked up in your buildings?

Date July 10, 2019
Location Faraday Centre
Time 8:30 - 10:00 AM
2019-07-10 08:30:00 2019-07-10 10:00:00 CREW UK 10 July 8:30-10:00AM Smart Buildings Roundtable Smart Buildings Roundtable
How to leverage the gold mines of data locked up in your buildings?
Faraday Centre

This is an exclusive, complimentary event, open to the first 10 CREW UK member registrants and their guests.

Imagine if your car had software and a frontend for each of the following, and you had to switch between these whilst driving:

  1. Engine management
  2. Tyre management
  3. Light management


Your building has individual systems, and understandably so, as these have developed and been added in a piecemeal fashion over the years. So, in a world of connected everything, how can you leverage all this data locked up in the various systems without making a huge investment in upgrading existing systems? How are you leveraging the gold mines of data that your organisation is sitting on?

Typically, organisations capture data in 10 to 14 systems ranging from spreadsheets to state-of-the-art software platforms.

We will be sharing our experience of…
  • how we have worked with organisations to set this data free
  • the commercial value that can be unlocked
  • the barriers to overcome.
We will answer vital questions, including…
  • what is the value of this data to your organisation?
  • how can you streamline business processes to unlock this value


  • 8:30 am breakfast, networking
  • 9:00 am presentation and roundtable discussion
  • 10:00 am wrap up


Aneysha Minocha
Aneysha founded Quantenergy to deliver a quantum leap in how commercial properties are managed and run, to drive the highest level of productivity and savings using quantitative data. Quantenergy is a specialist Smart Buildings consultancy, that is a convergence of 20 years of experience in energy efficiency, built environment & technology. We deliver the strategic digital transition to low carbon properties using technical expertise, data analytics and the internet of things. Sectors include Financial Services, Telecoms, Retail, Manufacturing, Central and Local Government. Our experience includes working with large property portfolios within the facilities management, M&E engineering, environmental management and built environment technology ecosystems in the UK and with European, north American and Asian partners.


Faraday Centre, 2nd Floor, Institute of Engineering & Technology
2 Savoy Place, London WC2R 0BL
Nearest tube stations – Embankment, Mansion House and Waterloo