CREW UK Professional Development Series
Empathy & Negotiations:  EQ + IQ

Date March 10, 2021
Location Zoom
Time 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (GMT)
2021-03-10 16:00:00 2021-03-10 17:00:00 CREW UK Professional Development Series
Empathy & Negotiations:  EQ + IQ
Take your seat at the table…
During an interview with Joshua Weinstein, Originator, Investec Structured Property Finance, we will uncover how empathy supports your negotiations, creates situational awareness and improves professional interactions.  Join mock negotiations in break out rooms and outline your approach to specific scenarios. 
Forbes stated in 2017 that empathy is a neutral data gathering tool that enables you to understand the human environment within which you are operating in business and therefore make better predictions, craft better tactics, inspire loyalty and communicate clearly.  The Harvard Business Review stated in 2015 that anxious negotiators made deals that were 12% less financially attractive than those made by negotiators in the neutral group. 
We will uncover the value of empathy during negotiations and learn more about how to strengthen business relationships. 

Limited registration available.

Joshua Weinstein, Originator, Investec Structured Property Finance

Joshua is a senior originator in the Structured Property Finance division of Investec Bank Plc, which he joined in 2015. Focusing on corporate and large family office clients, he specialises in development finance solutions for real estate projects across various sectors in the UK. Currently, Joshua manages a loan portfolio in excess of £250m.

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