CREW UK Conference: 
Leadership of the Future

Date September 29, 2022
Location Cushman & Wakefield
125 Old Broad St
Time 8:00 AM - 1:30 PM (GMT)
2022-09-29 08:00:00 2022-09-29 13:30:00 CREW UK Leadership of the Future CREW UK Conference: 
Leadership of the Future
Cushman & Wakefield
125 Old Broad St
CREW UK is hosting its first leadership conference providing access to industry intel and networking opportunities with real estate executives and business leaders.  As CREW Network continues to transform the real estate industry by advancing women globally, Leadership of the Future includes 9 sessions where panelists will discuss the latest trends, important workplace topics and how economics and global issues are influencing real estate.  
Members will receive priority registration and priority booking access from Friday 27 May - Thursday 30 June.  
Members and non-members may register and book sessions as of Friday 1 July.
Members and non-members can attend 3 of the 9 sessions.

Networking breakfast commences
8:30am:  All are invited to attend the keynote remarks 
9am - 12:30pm: Attend 3 sessions
12:30pm: Closing remarks
1:00pm:  Lite lunch
1:30pm:  Departure
Step 1:  Register
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Register early to reserve your space. 
Confirm your sessions online when you register.  
Space is limited with 20 seats per session.
Member rate:  $125
Non-member rate:  $175

Sessions:  To attend, please select either a panel, roundtable or executive interview during each of the 3 timeslots.  Registrants may select 3 events in total. 




Executive Interview

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: How does it work?
Recognising bias
Guest Speaker

Sustainability: Where will we be in 5 years?
Leadership in the face of global challenges
Economic Outlook for 2023

Social values: Measuring the impact property development has on our communities
How to manage multi-generational teams
Asynchronous communications for hybrid work environments:  
Philip Ross, Founder & CEO, UnWork


Panel 1: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: How does it work? 
With digital and technology acceleration driving our global economy, blockchain is changing the way we live and work.

Join Ijeoma (Ije) Okoli, Impact X Capital Partners, LLP, Richard Pickering, Head of Innovation, EMEA, International Partner, C&W and more industry experts as they provide an explanation of this expanding technology, its relationship to cryptocurrency, and how it is impacting the commercial real estate industry.  

Panel 2: Sustainability: Where will we be in 5 years?
If we could look inside a glass ball to view the future of sustainability, we would understand now what actions are needed to create a safe and healthy world. 

Join Juliette Morgan, Gensler, Chinyelu Orefano, Lloyds Bank, and  who will explore the future and uncover where sustainability could be in the next five years. Rebekah Tobias, Managing Director, Marcol, will moderate this panel.

Panel 3: Social values: Measuring the impact property development has on our communities
In 2021, Savills stated that an effective environmental, social and governance strategy has become a top priority for all business leaders in real estate. Once the strategies are approved and projects are developed, how do we measure the impact of the facilities designed and delivered?

Join Alix Green, Partner, DS2, Angela Russell, Senior Managing Director, Greystar and Robin Everall, VP-Development, Oxford Properties for a dialogue about measuring the impact property development has on our communities.


Roundtable 1: Recognising bias
There is strength within our differences, and from this strength we can learn from others and build our leadership skills.

Panelists, including Karen Clements, ExCo Lead for Inspire and Head of Valuation & Advisory and Asset Services, C&W, and Julian Hindmarsh, Senior Partner, Howard Kennedy, will come together for an open dialogue about recognising biases and educating ourselves to become stronger leaders and better allies.  

Roundtable 2: Leadership in the face of global challenges
Inflation, political conflicts and the pandemic have created uncertainty in our current market. How do we navigate through these uncertainties to guide clients and deliver resilient initiatives?

Join an informative roundtable, including Catherine Webster, Executive Director of Investment & Strategy, Quintain and additional real estate executives to talk about leadership in the face of global challenges.

Roundtable 3: How to manage multi-generational teams
The UK’s expanding workforce includes five generations. For London based CRE executives, this presents managers leading teams with many opportunities — and challenges as well. As new talent joins the workplace and experienced professionals delay retirement, how do we best support everyone? 

Join Riah Patel, Director, CBRE, Steve Moore, Head of Human Resources, C&W and more real estate leaders, who will discuss how to guide and manage multi-generational teams.

Executive Interviews

Interview 1: Guest speaker and interview theme to be announced.

Interview 2: Economic Outlook for 2023: 
With the business landscape facing more and more pressure and demand, join our guest economist to be announced, for an in-depth discussion about what will drive and challenge the global economy into 2023 and beyond, and how the market disruptors will influence real estate.

Interview 3: Asynchronous communications for hybrid work environments: 
With the return to the office and remote working continuing to unfold, workplace dynamics are changing. CREW UK is asking an important question: how are leaders engaging and empowering within flexible work environments? Join Philip Ross, Founder & CEO, UnWork, for a valuable interview about asynchronous communications supporting the hybrid work model.