Senior Real Estate Executives Provide Leadership Advice

October 28, 2021
Written by: by Amy White

A series of Mentor Roundtables are being hosted throughout 2021 in conjunction with the successful launch of the CREW UK Connects Mentorship Programme. 

Angela Russell, Senior Managing Director, Greystar Europe, and Nick Giraudeau, Global Head of Financial Services Sales, WeWork, provided inspiration by sharing their insights and perspective about leadership and their own career journeys. 

For those who missed it, here are their top 10 leaderships tips:

  1. Be empathetic

  2. Have conviction in your decision making

  3. Build an authentic leadership style

  4. Empower yourself to listen and communicate effectively - empower others to listen and communicate effectively.

  5. Never stop learning

  6. Flex your leadership style to suit different team members

  7. Motivate and inspire your teams to follow your vision

  8. Build a personal Boardroom you can depend on

  9. Understand what inspires you

  10. Try to not sweat the small stuff

Please see CREW UK events listed here for future Mentor Roundtables and stay tuned for upcoming information about Launch 4.0 of the Mentorship Programme in January 2022.