Jennie Dorsaint and Angela Russell, Women Leading Real Estate

September 20, 2021
Written by: CREW UK
More than 250 real estate professionals attended Bisnow London’s Women Leading Real Estate 9 September event, a celebration of top industry influencers and innovators. Bisnow invited two CREW UK mentors Jennie Dorsaint, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbrigh, CREW UK Board member, and Angela Russell, Senior Managing Director, Greystar, to join a panel about leveraging your values and transferable skill sets.
Per Mike Philips, Bisnow/London, that need for a wider network was a theme picked up by Jennie. “We’re told at school that if you sit at your desk, put your head down and work hard, you will succeed in life,” she said. “But it’s not always true. The network is so important ... The people you meet, you take them through your career, and it is from knowing them that these different opportunities arise."
Angela said, “At times I have deliberately cultivated my leadership style, but I think the main thing is you just need to be genuine. That means being empathetic of course, but do I talk about sports, am I a bit rough around the edges, can I be a bit, aggressive, you could call it? Yes, but that’s because that is who I am, not because I am trying to portray what are seen as male characteristics.”