Member Spotlight: 
An Interview with Jagvinder Pinny Mann
Sr. Porfolio Manager, Microsoft

July 1, 2021
Written by: Sayantani Ghosh and Shwetha Nadgir

CREW India is excited to feature one of it’s most dynamic members. Let’s dive into Jagvinder Pinny Mann’s life where she highlights both her personal and professional aspects. A story worth spreading and deriving inspiration from. Read through and get to know more about how Pinny has made and continues to make a huge impact in the CRE world.

Jagvinder Pinny Mann
Sr. Porfolio Manager, Microsoft

Interview credits: CREW India

Shwetha Nadgir, Workplace Strategy & Client Management at
Zyeta Interiors Pvt. Ltd Bangalore Urban, Karnataka, India

Sayantani Ghosh, P.E. Project Engineer at
Langan Engineering & Environmental Services New York, New York United States

1. Personal Journey:

a) Please tell us a little about your background.

Born in an army home, grit, courage, and sacrifice are not unfamiliar to me. My widowed mother’s decision to send my brother and me to The Lawrence School in Shimla, albeit a bitter decision, proved to be a bold step for the journey of life.

b) What made you choose the real estate industry?

My foray into RE started with me joining the fascinating industry of hospitality with the Taj Group of Hotels; where I honed and developed my skills in customer service. And then one fine day, I got the exciting opportunity to work in a corporate setting where I further worked on standards and design concepts coupled with strategic thinking for teams. And there was no looking back.

2. Role in Microsoft and RE:

a) Can you put some more light on your present role in Microsoft?

Where do I start? I oversee day-to-day operations from facility to customer service delivery. I strive to deliver a seamless and productive day, supported by technology, for every employee keeping in mind that each experience is unique. Leading the Diversity and Inclusion platform for Asia (which is very close to my heart), has enabled me to create an impact by enabling all to be included. Community impact by inspiring small enterprises to grow, focus on environment sustainable projects, and valuing every dollar spent helps me focus on short- and long-term goals for our business.

b) You are a big name in the Real Estate Industry in India. We would want our readers across the globe to know a little more on your role in the industry.

I believe in the mantra that “every drop in the ocean counts”. Each of us has immense value in translating small steps into big changes. There is value in everything we do-ideation, listening and growing together. I encourage use of local Indian elements in our projects. Also, women need to be empowered. Period. I try to bring 50% Women Labor to work in all my projects. I am a die-hard women fan!

c) Would you like to mention any specific part of your journey that you think can inspire others?

Never give up! Always strive to be heard. There was a time when most of my ideas used to be benched. But I worked harder and delivered excellence that could hardly be ignored. Challenges need to be taken as a navigational guide to growth and success. Confidence in yourself and passion for what you do is a key aspect of leadership and building strong relationships. Be humble and never stop learning and sharing knowledge.

3. Social Work:

a) When did you first start getting involved in the social initiatives?

GIVE-my mother’s selfless lesson has been a huge pull for me towards making my very small contribution in participating in various social initiatives. Tree plantation, janitorial staff care, health care for all staff who cannot access basic water, hygiene and providing immunization programs, providing Mumbai’s slum kids a computer lab, and most importantly, women’s issues are some focus areas that I work towards with passion.

b) Can you tell us about some of your social initiatives that you are most proud of or are attached to?

I am most proud of my move to make 50% of the workforce women. All actions start at home; my daughter and son were always treated as equals and have been choosing their own career paths. I am an extremely proud mother to have taught them to carry the values of equality into their individual worlds.

Empowering women driven small enterprises and businesses is also close to my heart. For example, there is a remote village where women make organic soaps with just the use of solar power-these women need to be in control and can guide the villages to good education and health. Another project is encouraging small scale farmers in delivering from farm to table.  

4. Future in RE and social work:

How do you think others including us can help you with your mission & dreams?

Encouraging growth, supporting basic learning and knowledge sharing, and celebrating every win goes a long way. In RE, we need to ensure women to participate as starters and need to present them with tough targets in any task and criteria. Making bigger changes in D&I, which are 2 simple words but with great meaning, also needs to gain traction. Sustainability will also need to be a huge target going forward.

5. Advise for next gen women in real estate:

What is your advice for the next gen women in real estate?

I always start off with the question-do you have the passion to stop and smell the flowers? In RE or any field where you want to show expertise, passion will always be the key driver for creativity. Creating balance with an eye for detail stems from loving what you do. Build the art of Customer Relationship Management by adding value to the service. Setting high goals for oneself and working towards them comes a close second. Be a role model by being the change and learning from experiences.